Industrial coating

Besides professional car body repairs and coating we also paint other products, be they smaller or bigger industrial projects. To ensure the highest quality possible, we use a different assortment of materials, adapted to specific purpose.

We paint products made of different kinds of metal, wood, polyester, plastic, carbon and glass.

Some of our previous or current projects:

    • For Slovenian railroad companySŽ-ŽIP Ltd.we have painted their vehicles as well as some railroad cars, including a whole cargo car.
    • We paint panels for luxury interior of GREENLINE YACHTS vessels produced by Slovenian company SPV AVIO Ltd.
    • We have painted several pieces of furniture for EVENTO PROJEKT Ltd. The furniture was used to furnish presidential suites in a hotel chain in Paris.
    • We take care of LIDL SLOVENIA Ltd. management vehicles. Also, we have provided LIDL supermarkets’ checkouts with a new look.

    • We also work with DREAMCASE Ltd.that produces cases with portable mattresses that enable you to have unique travelling experience. We paint the cases in which the mattresses are stored.

Do you have your own unique project? We will be happy to take part in it.

One of our numerous projects that we are especially proud of and we dedicate a lot of time to is the restoration of the cult kiosks K67In collaboration with one of the most influential architects in Slovenia, professor of industrial design, prize winner for life work, and “the father” of iconic kiosk K67, Mr Sašo J. Maechtig, we watch over the revival of Yugoslavian architecture. We restore old, abandoned kiosks from various parts of former Yugoslavia and abroad. In our workshop, we completely dismantle the kiosks, restore the polyester base, replace the glass if necessary, replace the seals and the inside flooring. Then we paint it with the colour that the customer chooses. If the customers wish to restore it to its original state, they choose colours from the original colour scale after consulting Mr Maechtig. Up to now we have restored several of them. Some of them have found their place in Museum of Architecture and Design in Fužine castle in Ljubljana, in Berlin, Zürich and in New York.

You can see some of our work below. You will find more in our gallery and on social media.

Kiosk in Times Square, New York 2019

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